What's in a name?

This site is about the Galganovs in Canada and elsewhere. If you are a Galganov (if your mom or dad is a Galganov) you've got a place here. If you're a Galganov get in touch and we'll post a link to your site here. Are you one of us? Join us - it's just for fun!

Your name may not be Galganov. It may be Galganoff, Galaganoff or even Gale. As time goes you will find hints to who we are and may see some connections with us.

Not in Canada? We're still curious

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Care to contribute? We'll want you to! Are you a Galganov with a family-safe website?

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What's in a name? Here are a few "Galganov" websites (launches new browser):
Galganov & Associates (Mason & Yvonne Galganov. Web site design, web hosting, domain names, other related services) http://galganov.ca
Graffiti Signs (Todd Galganov. Commercial and industrial signs and maintenance) http://GraffitiSigns.com
Wallpaper Originals (Yvonne and Mason Galganov. Original desktop wallpapers/backgrounds) http://WallpaperOriginals.com
(Yvonneand Mason) Galganov's Recipes - Pizza, Dahl (lentil) Soup, Potato Salad, French Bread and more